The following schedule describes the charges and fees that may be charged on your account(s). Effective 07/01/15.


Cash Back | Ultimate Checking


Mobile Banking (MemberMobile) | Online Banking (WebLine)


Online Bill Pay


Check Copy Online


Point-of-Sale/Purchase Transactions1 (any amount)


Transfers using CashLine/WebLine (excluding CashPlus Advances)


Cash Withdrawals at an ATM2 $60 and up


Balance Inquiry at ATM2 (per inquiry)


VISA Bonus Check Card Surcharge Free Network3 (monthly)  (optional)


ATM Card Surcharge Free Network3 (monthly)  (optional service)


Transaction Over Regulation D Limit


Travelers Cheques (per $100)


Classic Checking8


Advantage Checking8


Dormant (Inactive) Account Fee4 (per month) | (after 12 months an aggregate account balance of $100 or less) $5.00

Money Order ($1,000 max)


Cash Withdrawals at non-MSCU ATMs less than $60 (each)2


Cashiers Check (if payable to other than account owner)


Foreign Deposited Item (plus any additional fees charged by processing banks)


Copy of Check Issued by Credit Union


Pay by Phone Loan Transactions


Auto Transfer from Other Savings for Non-Sufficient Funds


Wire Transfer In


Address Locator Fee (per address/member)


Deposited Item Returned Unpaid


Domestic Wire Transfer Out


Staff Assistance/Research (per hour)


Closed Account within 6 months


HSA | IRA Custodial Transfer Fee


Non-Sufficient Funds/Overdraft Advance6


Stop Payment7


International Wire Transfer Out


Tax, Levy, Garnishment



New Fee.

wFee Change.

  1. Transactions made outside of the U.S. will incur an International Transaction Fee for 1% of the transaction.

  2. ATMs owned and operated by other Financial Institutions may impose a surcharge on you for using their machine. A notice about the surcharge will appear on the ATM before you make a transaction.

  3. Optional service. Free with Ultimate & Cash Back Checking.

  4. No Fee charged to IRA or Certificate Accounts.

  5. Automated Transfer to cover an overdraft.

  6. By check/draft, ACH, bill payment or ATM/Check Card/Point of Sale Transaction.

  7. By check/draft, ACH, bill payment.

  8. Refer to our Truth-In-Savings Agreement for details on how to eliminate the fee.


Information on the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation D and Your Account
For your protection, your accounts are regulated by the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation D limits the number of certain withdrawals and transfers from your savings accounts. All financial institutions are subject to this regulation. 


Examples of MSCU savings accounts affected by this regulation are Regular Share (Savings), Club, and Money Market Investment accounts.  Transactions on MSCU Checking Accounts are not limited by this regulation.
Regulation D, allows you up to six (6) preauthorized or automatic withdrawals or transfers to another account at the same credit union or to a third party during a calendar month. You may have no more than three (3) of these six (6) transfers caused by check, debit card, or similar order, clearing your account. A "preauthorized transfer" includes any arrangement you or the credit union make either to pay a third party from your account, one time, on written or verbal instruction, or to pay a third party from your account on a fixed schedule such as any ACH authorizations.
The table shown below indicates the limitations of various types of transactions.


Transaction not subject to limitation:

Transactions limited to six (6) per month:

  • Transactions made in person

  • Transactions made at an ATM

  • One time transactions initiated by letter mailed to credit union

  • One time transactions initiated by messenger

  • Transactions to pay a Loan or VISA with MSCU


  • Transfers and payment to third parties initiated by:
  • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
  • Home Banking
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • E-Mail
  • To Cover Overdrafts
  • Transactions limited to three (3) per month:
  • Transfers and payment to third parties initiated by:
  • Cashier Check
  • Debit Card


Transaction requests that exceed the six (6) per month limitation or the three (3) checks, debit card, or point-of-sale limitations per calendar month will be accessed a $1 fee. If any member should exceed the transfer limits more than three (3) times in a year, MSCU may refuse or reverse the transfer, and the account will be subject to a returned share draft and an NSF return item fee.

Tips to comply with Regulation D

  • Allocate more of your direct deposit or payroll deduction funds to be applied directly to your Checking Account.

  • If you use WebLine or Internet Banking to transfer from one of the regulated accounts to your Checking Account to cover checks, plan ahead and make one large transfer instead of several smaller ones.

  • If you use MemberPay (online bill payment service) and have your primary source of your overdraft protection one of the regulated accounts, schedule your payments for one process date each week and you will only have one automatic overdraft transfer per week which will count toward your monthly limit of six (6).

  • Set up ALL preauthorized electronic funds transfers (ACH) and electronic withdrawals from your Checking Account not your regulated accounts. For example, if you have an insurance premium, car or mortgage payment automatically withdrawn from your Savings Account, you are subject to Regulation D limitations.

  • Use your MSCU CashPlus Line of Credit as the primary source of your overdraft protection. Please contact our loan department to set this up as your current Checking Account coverage option or to apply for this overdraft protection.