Savings Overview

Saving money with high savings account rates is a great way to build up a nest egg and promote financial stability.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

We offer Traditional, Roth, and Education (Coverdell) IRAs. Each type can be set up as either a Share Certificate (investing for a specific length of time) or a Money Management (no specific term of investment).


Health Savings Accounts

With a Mutual Security Health Savings Account (HSA), you may either contribute all or a portion of your health plan deductible into a tax-advantaged savings account, within certain limits. And, like an individual retirement account (IRA), your HSA dividend earnings are tax-free. Funds remain tax-free provided you use them to pay for qualified medical expenses. And better yet, funds may grow annually, allowing you to save for future medical expenses.

Money Market Account

Enjoy a higher rate with full access to your money when you need it. A deposit of $2,500 is required to open the account and earn the higher rate.

Share Certificates

Earn more with higher rates. Lock into savings with terms from for 6 to 60 months. Stagger the maturity dates of several Share Certificates to ensure access to funds when you need it. The minimum opening deposit is $500.

Save More

Build savings automatically while earning high dividends. Our free Save More account is saving simplified. It is an optional savings account linked to your free Gain More checking to help you save every month. Helping you save effortlessly. 

Holiday Club Account

Build savings for holiday expenses. Holiday funds are distributed in October by automatic transfer to your savings account. One additional withdrawal is allowed during the year. Holiday Clubs automatically renew each year for your convenience.


Vacation Club Account

Build savings for your next vacation or any special purpose with complete access to the funds any time of the year. There is no minimum balance requirement.

Youth Accounts
Give your children a smart start when it comes to finances. From traditional Savings Accounts and Share Certificate of Deposit to Loans, we offer several programs to help educate these future adults about financial services and good money habits.

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