Debit Card Protection Services

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Protect your VISA© Bonus Check Card from Fraud with smsGuardian™ Alerts


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With smsGuardian™ service, receive real-time alerts directly to your mobile device via text message to monitor account activity. These alerts serve as an early warning system for potential fraudulent activity and help you better manage and track your spending. If you identify unauthorized card activity, the information is immediately routed to a fraud analyst for card blocking and follow up, reducing the time window in which subsequent unauthorized transactions could take place.


Here’s how it works:


We’re looking out for you! When you sign up for our smsGuardian™ service, you’ll receive text messages regarding activity on your debit card. This valuable service allows you to proactively manage your accounts and monitor for potential fraud within seconds. If you receive a text message about a transaction that you think is fraudulent, you can reply immediately and your card will be blocked from further criminal activity. If you receive a message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to do anything.

Notifications you will receive include:


  • Purchases above $300

  • International transactions

  • Out of state transactions

  • Declined transactions

Tips for Recognizing Unfamiliar Authorizations

It is possible that you may not recognize an alert for a transaction that you did make. Below are some situations to consider:


  • Automatic bill payments set up for recurring billing, such as a cable or telephone bill, or a gym membership.

  • Large purchases that are divided into smaller transactions

  • Aggregated charges

  • Transactions made by other authorized users

  • Some video rental companies often post as out of state transactions.


For your peace of mind and an added layer of account protection, enroll your MSCU Debit card in our smsGuardian™ service TODAY.


Here’s an example of what the service looks like in action. You might receive a text message similar to this:


Guardian Alert on card 12341 at XYZ Store2 for $500.003. Reply AA1234NO4 if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts.


1 This will be the last four digits of your card number
2 This will be name of the merchant
3 This will be the purchase amount
4 This will be the special code provided to you to reply with if you do not recognize the purchase

If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to do anything. If you think that it’s fraud, you reply “AA1234NO” (per this example – Note: this will change with each text received) and your card will be blocked. Once MSCU receives notification of the block we will issue you a new card and have it sent to you as quickly as possible. You can choose to cancel this service at any time by replying with the message “STOP”.

* While MSCU does not charge you to use our smsGuardian™ service, standard text message rates may apply. Please check with your service provider and plan for your text message rates. MSCU Cardholders are responsible for reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activity to the Credit Union. If you have a lost, stolen, or replacement debit card, you will need to enroll your new card in smsGuardian™. Enrollments are effective and applicable for a period of one year. You will be notified prior to expiration of your smsGuardian™ account and may text a reply to renew.