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VISA Checkout

Click, pay and be on your way.

The easier way to pay with your card online.


Individual shopping online on a tablet.

The Easier Way to Pay

Make online shopping more enjoyable with VISA Checkout. Simply create a single login that you can use to make a purchase at any of your favorite online retailers.

With VISA Checkout, you will no longer need to re-enter your card number, shipping address or billing information across sites. And in addition to your MSCU VISA credit and debit cards you can also add your other major credit or debit cards.

Shop with confidence knowing that you’ll still get all the great rewards and Zero Liability Fraud Protection you’ve come to expect when using your Mutual Security Credit Union VISA card.


Enroll in VISA Checkout

How to use:
  1. Click the VISA Checkout button
  2. Enter your login
  3. Confirm your billing and shipping address
  4. Confirm your purchase

Get Started Today:

Enroll in VISA Checkout