Share the Wealth & Receive up to $250!

*“Existing members” of Mutual Security Credit Union (“Mutual Security”) can refer others to become members of Mutual Security by visiting (“web entry”) or by filling out a Member Referral Form (“form entry”). An existing member is defined as a natural person who is a member of Mutual Security Credit Union in good standing. Existing members will earn $25 for each person that is (a) referred using either the web entry or the form entry as referenced above and that (b) becomes a NEW member of Mutual Security Credit Union by opening a NEW membership account AND either (c) a NEW Cash Back or Ultimate Checking Account OR (d) opens a NEW Loan or VISA(C) Credit Card Account for an amount no less than $3,000. There is no limit to the number of people an existing member can refer. There is a maximum limit of 10 “qualified” referrals which result in a Referral Bonus Deposit (“RBD”) and there is a maximum Referral Bonus Deposit amount of $250 per existing member household. Any applicable Referral Bonus Deposit amounts granted will be credited to existing members’ membership account within 60 days of their referral completing the requirements listed above. All taxes on Referral Bonus Deposit amounts granted are the sole responsibility of the existing member whose account(s) are credited. The limits described above are defined by said person’s SSN/TIN and those living/residing in the same household.